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Movie on Anandpal Singh? Sarkar 3 writer says he is interested

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February 1, 2018, 5:34 pm

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Anandpal Singh who was killed in a police encounter in Churu.

Jaipur: The life of Rajasthan’s notorious criminal Anandpal Singh seems to have inspired a few minds in Bollywood.

Film writer, Rajkumar Singh, has already shown interest and there are reports that more Bollywood directors and writers may come forward in the coming days.

Bollywood seems to be enchanted by the hue and cry being raised over the police encounter of Anandpal.

Rajkumar is the writer of Amitabh Bachchan-starred Sarkar – 3. Since he hails from Shekhawati region, he believes that he would be able to do justice to the story.

“I will have to do a lot of research though,” Rajkumar said in an interview.

Rajkuar says that Anandpal was allegedly involved in illegal liquor trade. The writer says that since he is from a place on the Rajasthan-Haryana, he has an idea how the business has left blood trail.

Many people seem to be intrigued by the life of Anandpal and it has all the ingredients of an entertaining movie.

Rajkumar plans to meet Rajasthan police officials to get more details about the gangster.

Rajkumar wrote on his Facebook wall, “Before someone else does, I would like to announce I want to make a film on the life of Anandpal”.

Anandpal was killed in a police encounter in Malasar village of Churu district on June 24. The house he was hiding in surrounded by more than 50 policemen. Police officials say that Anandpal opened fire even when he was asked to surrender.

The family members have refused to accept the body for cremation demanding a CBI probe. They alleged that the encounter was fake. Rajput community has also come in support of the family. More than 125 people, mostly youths, have been arrested for creating ruckus and clashing with the police following the encounter.

The police had warned that they would cremate the body if it was not taken away by the family members.

Anandpal had been on the run since escaping from police custody in September, 2015.

Glamorization of a criminal in the wake of Anandpal Singh’s encounter is not going down well with the Rajasthan police.

In a statement, the state police department has asked people to think for a moment whether they want to make their children notorious like Anandpal Singh or a law-abiding citizen.

The police have also appealed for them to stop creating fake aura and glamorize the notorious criminal who had several cases of murder, robbery, extortion and kidnapping registered against him.

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First published: June 29, 2017