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Do we want to make our children notorious like Anandpal Singh, asks Rajasthan police

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February 1, 2018, 5:35 pm

anandpal singh encounter

Anandpal Singh police encounter in Churu: The criminal was killed after being on the run for nearly one and a half years.

Jaipur: Glamorization of a criminal in the wake of Anandpal Singh’s encounter is not going down well with the Rajasthan police.

In a statement, the state police department has asked people to think for a moment whether they want to make their children notorious like Anandpal Singh or a law-abiding citizen.

The police have also appealed for them to stop creating a fake aura and glamorize the notorious criminal who had several cases of murder, robbery, extortion and kidnapping registered against him.

The police department in the statement appealed for people to think how a notorious criminal managed to amass such a huge wealth.

“Anandpal’s brother Manjeet Singh was in prison in a murder case since 2006. He himself and another brother Vikki had been on the run from the law. There are no known source of income for the family, but Anandpal’s daughter spent nearly Rs 20 lakh on engineering studies in Dubai,” said the statement.

The statement further said that Anandpal’s another daughter was studying at an expensive school in Pune and the same was true for his son.

“There are two flats owned by the family in Jaipur’s posh colonies. Each one of them is valued more than Rs 60 lakh. The police confiscated nearly 370 bigha of land,” said the statement.

There are immovable properties in Kuchaman, Jaipur, Hanumangarh, Sikar and Churu. The family also owns a mine in Makrna, apart from several ‘benami’ properties.

“Have you ever wondered how Anandpal amassed such a huge amount of wealth? Do you want to teach your children the same things?  Do you want your children to be famous or notorious? We should all think about this,” said the statement.

Police have appealed to pay attention to the fact that Anand Pal Singh had more than 37 police cases registered against him between 1992 and 2017.

“There were six cases of murder and eight cases of attempt to murder. Other cases include robbery, kidnapping and extortion. His brother Vikki also has two cases of murder and three cases of attempt to murder between 2000 and 2017. Manjeet has 19 cases of similar nature registered against him,” said the statement.

Anandpal Singh was killed in a police encounter in Malasar village of Churu district on Saturday night. The family members have refused to accept his body. Rajput community leaders have threatened of an agitation demanding a CBI probe. The police are apparently hurt the most over the fact that many youngsters believe Anandpal to be a hero. Thousands of posts  has gone viral on social media, praising the daring acts of the criminal.

First published: June 28, 2017