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Jaipur Metro celebrates its fourth anniversary

June 3, 2019, 10:07 am


Jaipur Metro. File photo

Jaipur: Do you remember the frenzy that the launch of Jaipur Metro created not only among the city residents, but also people from across the state? The people from other places came to Jaipur just to enjoy a ride on this modern mode of city transport. Well, it seems like yesterday and you know what the project is celebrating its fourth anniversary on Monday.

The project is yet to become a profitable operation, but it is now an inseparable part of the transport in the city. More than 22,000 passengers enjoy Metro ride every day. The Metro was launched between Mansarovar and Chandpole in 2015. The city residents are waiting for the second phase of the Jaipur Metro in the Walled City eagerly. It is estimated the number of passengers travelling daily will double once the second phase is finished and the Metro becomes operation in the Walled City.

“The work will be completed by August, but it may take a couple of months more before the track is thrown open for passengers,” said a Jaipur Metro official.

The second phase is likely to make the Metro project profitable for the government. It will also make travel in the crowded Walled City markets more convenient. The traders are particularly waiting for the Metro to become operation in the Walled City because it will encourage more people to visit the markets. This will boost their business.

There are currently eight elevated and underground Metro stations. The Metro trains undertake as many as 170 rounds. It takes a train 21 minutes to complete 9.6 km stretch.

First published: June 3, 2019
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