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Robbery suspect’s wife arrested in Chennai police inspector death case

Pali police exposes bogus report prepared by Chennai police team.

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December 18, 2017, 10:02 am

Chennai police inspector Periyapandi murdered Rajasthan

Police inspector from Chennai, identified as Periyapandi who was shot dead in Rampura village of Pali district in Rajasthan on Wednesday

Jaipur: Pali police in Rajasthan arrested the wife of Nathuram Jat, one of the robbery suspects who had allegedly attacked a Chennai police team leading to the tragic death of Chennai police inspector Periyapandi on December 13.

The woman, Manju Devi, was hiding in Pipar village near Jodhpur city at an acquaintance’s house. The robbery suspects are however still at large.

“We will interrogate her to know the whereabouts of her husband Nathuram Jat who committed a robbery in Chennai in November,” said a police officer.

Inspector Periyapandi was part of a team from the Maduravoil Police Station in Chennai to catch Nathuram and his aide who had drilled a hole on the rooftop of a jewelry shop in Chennai’s Rajamanagalam area and looted around 3.5 kilograms of gold on November 16. The team had traced the criminals to Rajasthan’s Pali district.

While the police surrounded the house the robbers were hiding in, Periyapandi was mistakenly shot at by his colleague inspector Mani Sekar.

Pali police recently exposed the alleged bogus report of the firing prepared by the Chennai police team. In the report, the team members had stated that they had rushed out of the house when the robbers attacked them, but Periyapandi got stuck inside. The policemen heard a gunshot and when they rushed into the house, they found that Periyapandi had been shot.

However, Pali police found that the report was bogus. Muni Sekar had fired the gun by mistake while providing cover to Periyapandi who was stuck inside. The bullet fired by Muni Sekar killed Periyapandi, according to SP, Pali Deepak Bhargav.

First published: December 18, 2017