Rajasthan: Man who claimed his 2 wives were burnt alive after his running car caught fire arrested for murder

He murdered his two wives because they used to fight with each-other all the time and he was tired of it.

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February 1, 2018, 11:17 am

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Jaipur: The police on Wednesday arrested Deeparam Prajapati for murdering his two wives by locking them in his car and then setting it afire in Jalore district of Rajasthan two days ago.

His reason for murder was that his two wives used to fight with each-other all the time and he was tired of it. He decided to get rid of them.

Deeparam a native of Sesava village in Jalore earlier told the police that he was taking one of his wife to a hospital and the second wife was accompanying them. One of them had a prolonged illness, so with her consent, he married another woman, he told the police. The women were identified as Malu Devi and Dariya Devi.

When he was returning from the hospital, the car suddenly caught fire.

Deeparam said that he managed to jump out of the car on time, but the two women got locked up inside. He couldn’t rescue them.

But glaring holes in Deeparam’s story came to fore when the police launched an investigation.

They found that Deeparam had, in fact, poured petrol on the car with the two women locked up inside. He then set it on fire.

“He has confessed to the crime. He told us that he was tired of the two women’s sparring with each-other all the time. He had been planning the murder for at least a fortnight,” a police officer told The PinkCity Post.

Deeparam left with his two wives on the pretext of buying them jewellery in a nearby town.

“He told the women that the car had broken down. He got out on the pretext of taking a look. He poured petrol and then set it in fire,” said the officer.

First published: December 21, 2017