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Rajasthan: 13-year-old son of a jeweller kidnapped from his house

No ransom call received. Police suspect involvement of a professional gang of kidnappers.

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May 22, 2017, 11:36 am

Dhruv kidnapped fatehpur

13-year-old Dhruv who was kidnapped from his house in Sikar's Fatehpur town.

Jaipur: A 13-year-old boy, Dhruv Poddar – son of a jeweller in Sikar’s Fatehpur town in Rajasthan, was kidnapped from his house on Monday.

The kidnappers picked up the boy from his house in such a planned manner that it left the police and family members shocked.

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One youth came to the Dhruv’s house and said that he wanted to give a wedding card to the boy’s uncle. The kidnapper said that he didn’t know where the uncle lived so asked his mother to send the boy with him. This was the last time family members saw Dhruv. When he didn’t return, the parents realized that the boy had been kidnapped.

The incident took place in Fatehpur town in Sikar district around 11 am on Monday.

Dhruv is the son of Lalit Poddar, a prominent jeweller in the town.

A youth came to Lalit’s house and gave a wedding card to his wife Parvati. He said that he also needed to invite Parvati’s niece Ashwani who lived in another locality in Fatehpur. The youth claimed that he didn’t know the directions for Ashwani’s house, so he requested Parvati to send her son Dhruv with him. He promised he would drop the boy home after visiting Ashwani’s house.

Unsuspecting Parvati let the youth take away the boy on his motorcycle.

When Dhruv didn’t return even after one and a half hours, Parvati called up Ashwani and found that no one had turned up at his house to give a wedding card.

Parvati then called up her husband and narrated the incident to him. The family members launched a frantic search for the boy, but to no avail.

The family members then informed the police.

The boy couldn’t be found till late night.

Police suspect involvement of a professional gang in the kidnap.

They claimed that no ransom call had been received from the kidnappers till late night.

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First published: May 16, 2017