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Lion Safari reopened at Nahargarh; IVRI report highlights negligence

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October 16, 2019, 10:47 am

nahargarh biological park in jaipur

nahargarh biological park in jaipur. File Photo

Jaipur: Prolonged diseases including kidney failure and septicaemia have been cited as the reasons for the death of two tigers in Nahargarh Biological Park. The park authorities have received the report from the IVRI Bareilly. The report rules out the earlier believed possibility that the wild animals died of canine dispenser virus.

The report has highlighted the negligence on part of the park authorities as it is suspected that the two wild animals were suffering from diseases for a long time, but they were provided treatment on time leading to their death.

Both the diseases develop over time and have certain symptoms, so the park authorities should have detected them and provided appropriate treatment. It could have avoided the deaths.

Three wild animals including Sita – the only white tigress of the park, lioness – known as Sujain – and the cub of tigress – Rambha died in a span of seven days last month. All the three wild animals were females.

After receiving the report, the park authorities have decided to reopen the lion safari from Wednesday. It was stopped amid fears that the wild animals were infested with contagious virus such as canine dispenser. However since the IVRI Bareilly report has ruled it out, the authorities have decided to allow visitors to go on a lion safari. The safari was closed on September 22.

The park visitors will still not able to enjoy the sight of the hippo couple brought recently to the park.

First published: October 16, 2019