Jaipur Airport Terminal -2 and Terminal – 1: All You Need to Know

Terminal – 1 will be used for international flights, while Terminal – 2 will be used for domestic flights.

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October 10, 2022, 7:14 pm

jaipur airport terminal

Terminal - 2 at Jaipur International Airport.

JAIPUR: Jaipur International Airport has two terminals, but for now, only Terminal – 2 is operational. Terminal – 1 is also going to start operating very soon in the near future. Terminal – 1 will be used for international flights, while Terminal – 2 will be used for domestic flights. Currently, both domestic and international flights are being operated from Terminal – 2.

Shopping at Jaipur International Airport Terminal – 2

You will find many shops for branded apparel & accessories like belts, wallets, jackets, bags and much more at the terminal – 2. A duty-free liquor shop is also available, but only for international flyers. Since Jaipur is known for handicrafts, there are shops selling a large collection of traditional handicrafts in the terminal area. If you are looking for souvenirs or books, you will find those too here.

Dining at Jaipur Airport Terminal – 2

In both security hold and non-security hold areas, you will find café serving tea, coffee and snacks. These shops offer both global cuisines and local cuisines. If you are looking for lunch or dinner with a restaurant-like seating arrangement, you will find outlets serving a variety of dishes, but only in the security hold area. These outlets also make takeaway services available.

Services at Terminal – 2

A passenger is allowed to enjoy free wi-fi for 30 minutes. If an infant is travelling with you, you can access baby care rooms in arrival, departure and security hold areas. In case of a medical emergency, you can visit the clinic set up here by a private hospital. The clinic runs round the clock. It is available in the arrival lounge. If you are a smoker, you will be able to the smoking zones.

A few facts about Jaipur Airport Terminal – 1

  • Jaipur airport had two terminals until July 2013, flight operation was suspended from here. Terminal – one was used for international flights until then. After its closure, they were shifted to the terminal – two.
  • Terminal – 1 is being revamped now. The AAI (Airport Authority of India) has revamped the terminal with a budget of nearly Rs 70 crore. This terminal will again primarily be used for operating international fights, while Terminal 2 will be used for domestic flights.
  • Terminal – 1 is likely to be operational by the end of Oct 2022.
  • The Terminal – 1 building features a 2-storey building with an arrival lounge on the ground floor and offices on the first floor. The arrival area will have four custom counters and the departure area two custom counters. There will be eight immigration counters at the arrival area, and 8 in the departure area.

First published: October 10, 2022
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