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Human trafficking attempt foiled at Jaipur airport; 12 Nepalese girls rescued

The girls have been provided shelter at a woman's shelter and will be sent back to Nepal in a few days. 

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January 7, 2023, 9:45 am

jaipur airport

Jaipur Airport. File Photo

JAIPUR: The city police rescued 12 Nepalese girls who were being trafficked to Africa. These girls had been brought from Delhi and were being taken to Ethiopia via Jaipur airport when the city police received a tip-off about this from the Nepal embassy. The girls have been provided shelter at a woman’s shelter and will be sent back to Nepal in a few days. 

After the Jaipur Airport police station got the information about potential human trafficking, a police team was deployed at the airport. When the girls were spotted at the airport, they were taken to the police station and quizzed. 

The girls told the police that they had come to Delhi from Nepal. Some people told them that they would be taken abroad so that they could make more money. 

The girls didn’t know English or Hindi. The police had to use a translator to interact with them as they also spoke Nepalese. 

This is the second case of a human trafficking attempt via Jaipur airport in the past month. Earlier, two girls were rescued while they were being taken to Dubai. Both were brought from Nepal on the pretext of getting jobs in Delhi. The human traffickers are using the Jaipur airport to evade increased surveillance at Delhi airport. The girls are brought to Jaipur by road and then flown to other countries from the airport here. 

The two girls had tried to contact their families when they came to know that they were being sent to Dubai. These girls stayed in a hotel after reaching Jaipur.

First published: January 7, 2023
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