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Former IPL boss Lalit Modi to be sacked from RCA?

BCCI to lift ban from RCA only when Lalit Modi is removed.

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February 1, 2018, 5:46 pm

Lalit Modi

Former IPL boss Lalit Modi

Jaipur: Lalit Modi will likely be sacked from Nagaur district cricket association after BCCI made it clear that it would consider revoking suspension of RCA only if Former IPL commissioner is removed.

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Lalit Modi is currently the president of Nagaur district cricket association. After being elected, RCA president CP Joshi had written to BCCI to lift the ban imposed on RCA since 2014. The BCCI replied that it would do this only when Lalit Modi is not associated with RCA in any capacity.

The first meeting of newly elected executive has been called on Saturday. RCA president CP Joshi and six other executive members will attend the meeting.

RCA secretary RS Nandu who is also the secretary of Nagaur district association can move a motion to remove Modi in a general body meeting.

“We are trying that Lalit Modi resigns. If he doesn’t, we would be forced to take a strict step,” Nandu was quoted as saying.

BCCI had suspended RCA in May, 2014 after Lalit Modi was elected president.

Read Also: Nagaur cricket association dissolved; Lalit Modi, RC Nandu suspended from RCA

Modi, who was the founding chairman of the IPL, was suspended by the BCCI on April 26, 2010, following various allegations of misconduct. After Modi left the country citing security reasons, a special enquiry panel appointed to conduct an enquiry into the 11 charges against Modi found him guilty on eight counts. As a result, a special general meeting of the BCCI expelled Modi for life on September 25, 2013.

After being elected RCA president on June 2, CP Joshi had said that his first priority is to get the BCCI ban lifted so that people could enjoy international cricket matches on RCA grounds at SMS Stadium.

First published: June 24, 2017