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Truckers’ strike in Rajasthan: Fruits and vegetables prices go up by 30%

Only 125 trucks had come to Muhana terminal market instead of 700 trucks, which used to come on daily basis. This is due to truckers strike and led to a 30% hike in prices of vegetables and fruits.

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July 23, 2018, 12:24 pm

truckers strike rajasthan

Vegetables and fruit prices go up due to truckers strike in Rajasthan

Jaipur:  The truckers’ strike led by All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) has started affecting the price of fruits and vegetables in the city. Approximately there is an increase of 25-30% in the pricing. If the strike continues there will be more increment in the rates of vegetables and fruits.

“Due to monsoon, the prices were already high but after the truckers strike, there has been a further hike of up to 30%”, said Indra Kumar Chadda, Head of Jaipur Transport operators Association.

Vegetables like Round Gourd and Karela went up to 80 Rs\kg and 70 Rs\kg respectively.  Pomegranate and seasonal fruit Mango hiked from 60 per kg and 20 per kg to 90 per kg and 40 per kg respectively.

Muhana  Mandi market is a receiver of 700- 800 trucks of vegetables and fruits on daily basis from all over state but due to truckers strike only 125 trucks came to Muhana terminal market instead of 700 trucks. This led to a 30% hike in prices of vegetables and fruits.


VegetablesBefore strike price, per KgAfter strike price, per Kg
Cluster Bean3040
Green capsicum4050
Round Gourd6080


FruitsBefore strike price, per KgAfter strike price, per Kg


The strike began on Friday and the movement of all the trucks were resisted afterwards.  President of Jaipur Transport Operators Association, Indra Kumar Chadda said,’ the strike will continue until the government doesn’t agree on our terms and conditions”

Because of strike around 4 lakhs trucks did not move in Rajsthan which led to loss of 15 crore rupees of the government, transporters and other retailers. Workers and labourers are the most affected.

With ongoing strike all the transport companies are locked and there has been no loading of trucks till now.

Truckers’ key requests consists reduction in taxes of centre and state by getting diesel under the GST so that the cost of fuel can be decreased. If the strike begins influencing than there might be deficiency in supply of vegetables and natural products in the city.

First published: July 23, 2018