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Top 8 careers for Jaipur youths to beat COVID-19-induced economic slowdown

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March 15, 2021, 11:35 am

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Jaipur: the Year 2021 began with the hope that companies that had stopped recruitments due to the pandemic may start hiring again. But the situation is far from normal, yet some resilient youths in Jaipur refused to be bogged down by the economic slowdown and charted new growth stories after exploring new career ventures.  Here is a list of careers where the city’s youths have proved their mettle.

Cyber Security Expert

Even during the midst of a pandemic where people were being laid off, the companies were struggling to recruit good cyber experts to preserve their everyday computer transactions. Cyber-attacks have only become more frequent in the past year, leading to many companies waking up the risk of an unguarded IT network. Many estimate that at least 20 lakh jobs may open up in this sector alone.

Digital marketing

Anyone who can write better knows a little bit of video and photo editing along with coding skills, can make a good career in digital marketing. Many companies in Jaipur have been on the hunting spree to find good digital marketing professionals, but the good ones always chose to set-up their own business, thereby giving rise to higher demands in the sector.

Personal trainer

Fitness business was one of the top trends in 2020 and is expected to remain so, thanks to the importance of health fitness underlined by the covid-19. A decent personal trainer in Jaipur charges up to Rs 1,000 a month, but more experienced ones have set their fees as high as 10,000 a month that includes making a personalised chart of everything from diet plans, exercise, cardio, and weight lifting.’

Data scientists

You have probably heard of this new modern adage that data is the new oil, which is true by all accounts, till about a decade ago, only a few people took statistics as a subject in Jaipur’s colleges, such is not the case anymore; data science has now come a long way with many companies hiring them in hordes. You can choose several of online courses and start your career.

Content producers

If writing is your passion, then content development could open floodgates of varying career options ranging from blogging, writing for websites, preparing content for digital marketing. The only important skill here is to be good with words, churning out grammatically correct and articulated articles.

Food and catering

There are numerous stories of several engineers and MBAs venturing into the food business and doubling their income. Like writing, food is a passion for many, and the market has many takers who savour that passion.  Jaipur now has several caterers who charge lakhs for their services, most of them started their business from the scratch by taking small contracts before they established a niche for themselves.


Akshat Modi always loved the camera, an engineer by training, he started photography as a passion until a Jaipur-based start-up called him for some corporate shoots, the word went around and today he can hardly keep up with the demand even with a staff of six. Photographers are only what you see at weddings, but they also shoot products, make high-end videos for corporate companies.


Several of Jaipur’s youths started podcasts on a range of topics from investing to sport to UPSC preparation. As more listeners joined in, so did the advertisers, a good podcaster in Jaipur charges Rs 10,000 as an advertisement fee. 

First published: March 15, 2021