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Stash of Rs 2.31 Cr cash, 1 kg gold found in Yojana Bhavan; 7 taken into custody

The incident came to light just hours after the RBI announced the discontinuation of Rs 2000 currency notes.

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May 30, 2023, 9:34 pm

dg cs press conference on money recovered at yojana bhawan

DGP and Chief secretary hold a press conference after recovery of the stash of cash and gold at Yojana Bhawan.

JAIPUR: A stash of over Rs 2.31 crore in cash and 1 kg of gold has been unearthed from a locked cupboard in the basement of Yojana Bhavan, located directly behind the Secretariat in Jaipur. Local police authorities have seized the cash and gold and launched an investigation into the case.

The discovery has led to the ongoing questioning of seven Yojana Bhavan employees. The locked cupboard revealed a suitcase packed with Rs 2000 and Rs 500 currency notes. Authorities are working to uncover who is responsible for the storage of this vast sum of money and gold in the government office.

Hosting offices of sensitive departments like the IT Department and Jan Aadhaar Authority, Yojana Bhavan’s security measures have been called into question following this incident. The Chief Secretary has reported the matter to the Chief Minister, providing a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the startling discovery.

The cash and gold were uncovered during a routine scan and digitisation of files under the e-filing project. Two locked cupboards were opened after their keys could not be found, revealing the money-stuffed suitcase.

Once the suitcase was opened by the police, officers seized and counted the currency, which amounted to around Rs 2.31 crore. Additionally, 1 kg of gold biscuits was also recovered.

In light of this revelation, employees of the departments housed in Yojana Bhavan are under scrutiny. As seven employees face questioning, police assured that the investigation is in full swing and anticipates shedding light on the issue soon.

Further complicating matters, the cupboard in question had been locked for months. According to the police, the basement is accessible to Aadhaar-UID-linked staff.

Following the surprising find, police authorities formed a special team to carry out the investigation, which includes reviewing CCTV footage of individuals accessing the basement. The police are trying to determine the origins of the money and how it came to be stored in the cupboard.

Officials are puzzled, as government money is typically stored in treasuries or banks, not undisclosed and without detailed records. Thus, the department of Yojana Bhavan has distanced itself from the case, refusing to take responsibility for the money.

The incident came to light just hours after the RBI announced the discontinuation of the Rs 2000 currency note, raising more questions about the origins and intended use of the discovered cash.

First published: May 20, 2023