Second highest number of swine flu deaths reported in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has recorded 208 deaths out of 2164 positive patients of Swine flu this year.

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December 19, 2018, 6:41 pm


Jaipur: With 11 more cases of swine flu cases reported in Jaipur on Monday, Rajasthan has recorded the second highest number of deaths due to swine flu till October 2018 following only Maharashtra, according to a central government report. Rajasthan has recorded 208 deaths. As many as 2164 people were tested positive for swine flu in the state this year.

Of 2550 positive patients in Maharashtra, 422 died.

According to the central government report, Maharashtra recorded highest number of deaths due to swine flu followed by Rajasthan and Gujarat. In Gujarat, 45 persons of 1478 patients tested positive till October 2018

With the increase in the number of deaths, several facilities for treatment of seasonal influenza are being provided to the patients. The first case of swine flu in Rajasthan was reported in 2009.

The number of swine flu cases in following state in the year 2018:

  1. Maharashtra: 2550 cases reported, 422 deaths
  2. Rajasthan: 2164 cases reported, 208 deaths.
  3. Gujarat: 2037 cases are reported, 87 deaths
  4. Tamil Nadu: 2263 cases are reported,15 deaths
  5. Karnataka: 1465 cases are reported, 59 deaths
  6. Telangana: 746 cases are reported, 22 deaths
  7. Kerala: 663 cases are reported, 38 deaths
  8. Andhra Pradesh: 334 cases are reported, 14 deaths
  9. Delhi: 132 cases are reported, 02 death
  10. Madhya Pradesh: 79 cases are reported, 30 deaths.

Of 12950 swine flu positive patients, 960 were reported dead in India this year.

Similarity, Jaipur was the first city in the country to report highest cases of Zika Virus followed by Bhopal and Ahmedabad in 2018.

First published: December 19, 2018