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Rajasthan Urban Area Building Regulations – 2020: All you need to know

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August 6, 2020 2:54 pm

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Jaipur: The Rajasthan Urban Area Building Regulations – 2020 has made several provisions for the constructions of various types of buildings depending on their purpose. The permission for construction will be given only if the lot size and road width meet certain criteria. The regulation was released to the public on Wednesday.

The minimum width of the road should be at least 60 feet for the construction of a coaching centre in big cities in the state. The requirement is 40 feet in smaller cities. The minimum lot size for the construction of a coaching institute should be 300 square meters.

The multi-storey buildings will be permitted only if the road width is at least 40 feet. For the construction of flats, the lot size should be at least 750 square metres and the road width at least 12 metre (40 feet).

The building having eight or more flats will fall under a multi-storey.

For hotels, the minimum lot size is 500 square metres, while the road width should be 60 feet in big cities and 40 feet in smaller cities. For resorts and motels, the lot size should be at least 8,000 square metres and 3,000 square metres respectively.

  • For small-sized plots (up to 90 square metres), the hight can be Ground+2
  • For medium-sized plots (up to 225 square metres), the hight of the building can be Ground+3
  • For large-sized plot (up to 350 square metres), the height can be up to 18 metres
  • For lot sizes larger than 351 square metres and smaller than 500 metres, the height can be 18 metres

In the Rajasthan Urban Area Building Regulations – 2020, there are provisions for car parking space also.

  • For plots up to 90 square metres (111 square yards), it will be necessary to leave space for two-wheeler parking. Car parking space is not required.
  • For plots up to 225 square metres, space for 1 car parking will be required
  • For plots more than 225 square metres, 75% of the parking space should be reserved for cars, while remaining 25% for two-wheelers.

For roads with a width of more than 30 feet, basement depth can be equivalent to road width in areas where commercial activities are allowed.

If most adjoining houses have no setback, then it would be allowed to construct a house with zero set back.

The Rajasthan Urban Area Building Regulations – 2020 would be effective throughout the state, except for Jaisalmer and Mount Abu.

First published: August 6, 2020
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