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Parking rates in Walled City markets: All you need to know

January 25, 2020, 3:46 pm

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Jaipur: Parkota (Walled City) features many markets best for shopping of traditional items, but many of us avoid going to these markets due to the traffic chaos. Many shoppers also complaint of hefty parking charges. While you have to pay a fee for parking your vehicles in the Walled City markets, the parking employees sometimes charge people more than the JMC-approved rates. So how much parking do you need to pay if you are planning to go to the Walled City markets? Let’s find out:

Parking rate and time in the Walled City markets

You need to pay Rs 20 for parking your car up to 1 hour, Rs 40 for car parking up to 2 hours and Rs 50 for parking up to 3 hours.

The JMC officials recently decided that the people would be able to park a maximum of three hours in Johari Bazaar. If a car is parked for more than this time limit, a penalty of Rs 650 can be imposed on the car owner by the traffic police.

There are many markets in the Walled City popular among shoppers including Johair Bazaar, Kishanpole Bazaar, Chandpole, Bari Chaupar, Chhoti Chaupar, Chora Rasta and Ajmer Gate. In some of these markets, the people have to pay a parking fee for parking their cars.

The local traders complained that the employees of parking contractors were charging people up to Rs 120 which was illegal.

“We will make it mandatory for parking employees to give parking slips using electronic billing machines. Strict action will be taken against those contractors found charging more than the specified parking rates,” said a JMC officer.

First published: January 25, 2020