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Padmavati Row: Mystery shrouds death of Chetan found hanging from Nahargarth Fort

Police say no evidence found to prove that Chetan was murdered.

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February 1, 2018, 11:43 am

Chaitan Saini suicide nahargarh Jaipur padmavati

CCTV footages showing Chaitan walking alone towards Nahargarh Fort.

Jaipur: Mystery has shrouded the death of fourty-year-old Chetan Ram Saini whose body was found hanging from Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur on Friday. There were anti-Padmavati slogans scribbled on stones and floor nearby. Police officials said that Chetan, a small time handicraft and jewellery businessman, had prima-facie committed suicide, because CCTV footages show him walking to the fort alone. He was not being accompanied by anyone. But a selfie clicked by Chetan before the alleged suicide show no expression of tension or stress on his face. He was smiling when posing for the camera.

The controversy against Bollywood film Padmavati took a tragic turn when Chetan found dead hanging from a parapet of Nahargarh Fort. There were messages against the release of the film scribbled on the stones and rocks nearby. An investigation is on to find out if it was a case of suicide or murder. The deceased later identified Chetan Saini was a 40-year old resident of Shastri Nagar in the city.

Chetan ran a small handicrafts and jewelry business from home. He had left his house on Thursday afternoon and last spoken to his wife in the evening. According to his wife Neetu, Chetan had called her and informed that he will return home by 9 pm. After this when Neetu called once again he did not answer the phone. He neither returned home nor returned his wife’s call. Neetu claims that he was not under any kind of stress hence the death should be investigated and not labeled as a suicide.

Chetan was the oldest of four brothers and lived with his family. He is survived by his wife Neetu and two children, Komal (14) and Yash (10). Upon receiving the news of his death, his relatives started gathering at his residence to show solidarity with the family. Neighbours in his area of residence have claimed that Chetan was a simple and kind-hearted man. They have stated that he wasn’t involved in any kind of occult practices. The simplicity of the man, his happy family life, and behavior in the society has made it difficult for the people to believe that he would have committed a suicide.

On Thursday, Chetan went to pick up his kids from their school. He dropped them home and then went towards Nahargarh. His brother, Ram Ratan Saini has said that his brother could not have given up his life. He needs a thorough investigation on part of the authorities. He stated that he phoned his brother all night, however, did not get any response. He realized about the tragedy on Friday morning at 10 am when he saw a video on a social media platform. Reportedly, Chentan was involved in some business exchanges with a few people. He had recently visited Sikar to collect money from someone. The police are investigating the death as a murder and not suicide.

First published: November 25, 2017