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Marriage hall collapse in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur: Death toll reaches 25

A compensation of Rs 50,000 to the kin of each deceased and Rs 10,000 to each injured announced.

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May 11, 2017, 10:33 am

Marriage hall collapse in Rajasthan

Debris of the wall that collapsed at Annapurna marriage hall in Bharatpur, claiming life of 25 people.

Jaipur: The death toll in the marriage hall collapse incident in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur has reached 25. Eighteen people have been identified. One of them is Badrinarayan Saini, a resident of Sethi Colony in Jaipur, while other victims are from Sewar, Malipura and Bharatpur. The Rajasthan government has announced a compensation of Rs 50,000 to the kin of each deceased and Rs 10,000 to each injured.

The incident took place at Annapurna marriage hall situated on Sewar Road in Bharatpur around 10 pm.

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Some of the victims are as follow

  • Kubar (13), a resident of Indroli
  • Ravi (23), a resident of Jaghina Ghat in Bharatpur
  • Shyamveer Gujjar, a resident of Malipura
  • Price, a resident of Malipura
  • Anju (28), a resident of Malipura
  • Gita Devi (35), a resident of Malipura
  • Vinod (36), a resident of Mathura district
  • Vikram Gujjar, a resident of Malipura
  • Ajay Singh (19), a resident of Malipura
  • Madan Singh (66)
  • Rajkumari, a resident of Sewar
  • Vinod (24)
  • Indra (32), a resident of Bharatpur
  • Shakuntala Koli (60)
  • Baby (38)
  • Gulraj (40)
  • Rajkumari Koli (42)
  • Puja (13)
  • Pradeep Jatav (16)
  • Badrilal Saini, a resident of Jaipur

The names of some of the injured victims are:

  • Babulal
  • Rajkumari
  • Jawahar Singh
  • Sachin Ojha
  • Deepak
  • Harswaroop
  • Udai Singh
  • Rajkumar
  • Jogendra Singh
  • Suman
  • Mahendra Singh
  • Jugal Singh
  • Lalaram Saini
  • Kajal
  • Aarati
  • Gulab Chand

The names of the victims are based on preliminary reports. The district administration will soon issue names of the victims officially.

Most of the victims died of serious head injuries.

Electricity was snapped due to duststrom, so when the victims were rushed to a hospital in Bharatpur, they were given first aid using mobile phone torches.

Many of the victims were from Jaipur’s Sodala and Sethi Colony in Jaipur. They had gone to Bharatpur as guests in the wedding of Dharmendra Saini, son of Deepchand Saini, a resident of Jodhar Bazaar in Jaipur. Dharmendra was to tie the knot with Anju, the daughter of Kirorilala Saini belonging to Malipura village near Bharatpur.

Nearly 60 people were buried under a makeshift roof and the wall that collapsed.

First published: May 11, 2017