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Low customer turnout in markets in Jaipur; Covid-19 guidelines flouted

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June 3, 2021, 4:51 pm

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Markets open in Jaipur, but customers are missing.

Jaipur: Even after the lockdown restrictions eased in the city, most markets wore a deserted look. The traders told The PinkCity Post that the customers are not coming to the market as they have to close the business by 11 am as per the government directives. The Walled City markets that are usually abuzz with customers faced the same situation.

The garment shops, jewellery showrooms, and handicraft markets appeared to be the worst hit. “There is a ban on weddings and functions. While people are shopping for essentials, the customers are not buying from the businesses selling other non-essential items such as jewellery and clothes. Most Walled City markets rely on customers looking for non-essential items,” said a trader in Johari Bazaar.

Not only Johari Bazaar, but other markets including Tripolia Bazar, Chaura Rasta, Chandpole Bazar, Ramganj Bazar, and Ghatgate Bazar wore a deserted look till 11 am. Many shopkeepers opened their shops from 7 am, but waited for customers to show up.

However, the violation of social distancing and other Covid-19 guidelines was rampant. Many people who ventured out of their homes on Thursday were not wearing masks.

Huge crowds of shoppers were seen at grocery and vegetable shops. Many people were not wearing masks and social distancing guidelines were being flouted.

As the Covid-19 infection rate decreased in the city, the government has allowed most types of businesses to open from 6 am to 11 am four days a week.

First published: June 3, 2021