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Jaipur man commits suicide; accuses minister Mahesh Joshi, others of harassment 

43-year-old Ram Prasad was embroiled in a land dispute.

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April 17, 2023, 5:33 pm

suicide minister mahesh joshi accused

The man who committed suicide recorded a video before ending his life.

JAIPUR: A man took his own life by hanging after recording a video in which he accused several people, including Water Supply Minister Mahesh Joshi, of harassment. 

The incident took place in the Subhash Chowk area of Jaipur, where the family of the deceased sealed off the room where the man ended his life, refusing to allow the police to remove the body.

The man, identified as 43-year-old Ram Prasad, resided near the Kale Hanuman Mandir in the vicinity of the silver mint. He owned a piece of land just 200 meters away, which was at the center of a dispute. According to family members, Ram Prasad left his home early in the morning.

He arrived at a nearby transport company office, situated 200 meters from his residence, where the security guard had unlocked the premises at 5 am. It was in this office that Ram Prasad hanged himself. An hour later, a passing auto driver spotted the body and contacted the police.

In the video recorded before his suicide, Ram Prasad claimed that despite possessing all the necessary paperwork for his land, he was being denied permission to construct a house on it. He alleged that various individuals, including Devendra Sharma, Lalit Sharma, Munji Tank, Deva Awasthi, Lalchand Devnani, and Cabinet Minister Mahesh Joshi, were responsible for his ongoing harassment. As a result, he decided to end his life, leaving his mother and wife in poor health. He requested MP Kirori Lal Meena to ensure justice for his family.

Ram Prasad’s son, Ankit Meena, stated that his father recorded the video to prevent the police from covering up the matter after his death. Ankit also mentioned that his father wanted to build a house on his land, but was repeatedly obstructed by Mahesh Joshi and others. Despite having all the necessary documents, Ram Prasad was unable to proceed with his plans. Ankit insisted that until the police file a case naming those involved, the family will not permit the removal of the body.

A Subhash Chowk Police Station said that the family was seeking government assistance. He added that further investigation would determine the cause of Ram Prasad’s distress and whether it led to his suicide. The video will also be examined as part of the ongoing inquiry.

First published: April 17, 2023
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