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Jaipur: Formation of new districts delayed due to boundary controversies

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has delegated the responsibility of resolving disputes to Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat.

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July 3, 2023, 11:55 pm

Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat sadqw

Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat

JAIPUR: The notification of new districts in Rajasthan is facing a delay due to the ongoing controversy surrounding the delineation of district boundaries.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has delegated the responsibility of resolving disputes to Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat.

Minister Jat will engage in discussions with the MLAs and local leaders to address the boundary concerns. The official notification of new districts will be issued only after the resolution of the ongoing dispute.

Initially, the government planned to issue the notification on June 30; however, it has been postponed until the boundary issues are settled.

Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat said that it was important to consider public sentiments while determining the boundaries of the new districts. No area will be forcefully included, and the government aims to work collaboratively with the consent of all stakeholders, including local leaders and public representatives.

The opinions of the people will be respected, and efforts are underway to resolve the boundary disputes promptly, he said.

Meanwhile, various MLAs and local leaders continue to express their opposition through protests against the proposed boundaries of the new districts, particularly in Dudu.

The residents of Fagi and Mojmabad, along with other areas, are reluctant to be part of Dudu. This issue has sparked widespread unrest. Minister Lalchand Kataria has opposed including Jobner and its surrounding areas in Dudu.

Chaksu MLA Vedprakash Solanki is also against incorporating Madhorajpura into the Dudu assembly constituency, leading to protests from the residents. Demonstrations have previously taken place in the Sambhar Phulera area, Shahpura, Neemkathana, Khairthal, Jaipur, and Jodhpur due to similar boundary disputes.

The Chief Minister has entrusted Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat with the responsibility of resolving the disputes surrounding the district boundaries. Minister Jat is coordinating with local leaders to find an amicable solution. Several leaders have already met with the Revenue Minister to discuss their concerns. Recently, residents of Madhorajpura in the Chaksu area met with Minister Jat, demanding exclusion from Dudu.

Congress MLA Vedprakash Solanki has opposed the inclusion of Madhorajpura in the Dudu district. Solanki states that the people of the Chaksu region are unwilling to be a part of Dudu, regardless of whether it becomes a district, division, or state.

First published: July 2, 2023