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Jaipur Airport: Flight operations to halt for 6 hours in night from Feb 15

January 13, 2020, 12:54 pm

Jaipur Airport

Representative Image. Image Credit: Post Staff

Jaipur: The flights will not be operational from 11 pm to 5 am at Jaipur International Airport from February 15 to June 30. The airport authorities will soon issue an NOTAM in this regard. The flight schedule is being changed for the work on the extension of runway taxi track. The new schedule will affect four international flights and two domestic flights. One flight will not be operation during this period.

Here are the  list of flights which will be affected once the NOTAM is issued:

·      Thai Smile (SWE-344; Jaipur to Bangkok): The flight will be rescheduled to 10.15 pm. It currently takes off at 2.15 pm

·         Air Asia (D7-195; Jaipur to Kuala Lumpur): The flight will take off at 9.30 pm. Currently the take-off time is 11.15 pm.

·         Air Arabia (G9-436; Jaipur to Sharjah): The flight will take off at 6.20 am. Currently at 4.05am

·         Air India (IX-195; Jaipur to Dubai): The flight will take off at 6.35 am. Currently at 5.45 am.

·         Indigo (6E-6806; Jaipur to Ahmedabad): The flight that currently takes off at 4.30 am will no longer be operational from Feb 15.

·         Indigo (6E-218; Jaipur to Mumbai): The flight will take off at 5.35 am. Currently at 5 am.

·         Indigo (6E-838; Jaipur to Bengaluru): The flight will take off at 10.15 pm. Currently at 11.10 am.

Airport officials said that after the taxiway extension work is completed, it will save at least 3 minutes when the flights land and take off as two flights would be able to land and take off in a more coordinated way. It will enable the airport to handle take-off and landing of nearly 20 flights in an hour.

First published: January 13, 2020