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COVID-19 screening of passengers at bus stands, railway station takes a hit due to lack of manpower

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March 25, 2021, 5:53 pm

covid report railway station

COVID-19 screening at railway station begins on Thursday.

Jaipur: The state government has made the RT-PCR negative report a mandatory requirement for people travelling to Rajasthan from different states, yet at several bus stands and railway junctions of the city, a visible laxity in enforcing the norms continue to persist.

At Sindhi Camp bus stand, the medical team is requesting arriving passengers to collect samples and check RT-PCR reports, yet there are several buses that do not stop near the place where the medical team is camping, nor the passengers volunteer to show reports or get tested.

A similar situation is playing out at Jaipur railway junction, one of the busiest railway stations in the city. Here, the medical team is camping near gate number 2. But barring passengers from a few platforms, the medical team is overwhelmed to examine reports of every passenger. At several instances, the arriving passengers left without either submitting their negative report or without giving samples for an on-spot examination.

The same problem was visible at other places and bus stands like in Durgapura and Gandhi Nagar, where the medical teams could not examine a large influx of arriving passengers to the state.

The Rajasthan government had enforced the requisite RT-PCR negative report as important for people to submit before entering into the city. The decision was taken in view of increasing cases of covid infections in states like Maharashtra.

However, the laxity in examining each and every arriving passenger is unlikely to serve any purpose.

First published: March 25, 2021