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5 rules marriage gardens in Jaipur have to follow after Bharatpur wedding tragedy

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May 12, 2017, 10:54 am

marriage hall accident bharatpur

Annapurna marriage hall in Bharatpur where 25 people were killed.

Jaipur:  Amid reports that the marriage hall where 24 people were killed was illegal, the Rajasthan government has ordered an inquiry. The government has released guidelines for marriage gardens. The government also laid down norms for municipal officials on how they should ensure compliance of these guidelines.

Here are the guidelines in brief:

  • All permanent and temporary structures in marriage gardens have to be examined.
  • Marriage garden owner has to get a no-object certificate from a Public Works Department (PWD) executive engineer proclaiming the marriage garden building is safe.
  • Superintendent engineer will have to give in writing that the marriage garden structures don’t pose any threat to life and property.
  • The maximum capacity of people that a marriage garden can accommodate have to be mentioned on the license at the time authorities issue it to the owner.
  • Officials will conduct inspection from time to time marriage gardens are not violating maximum capacity limit. License can be suspended or cancelled in case of violation.

The guidelines issued by the additional chief secretary, urban development and housing (UDH) also direct collectors to submit a report on its compliance by June 15.

The UDH has ordered that illegal marriage gardens be immediately closed and appropriate legal action be taken against their owners.

Twenty five people were killed and at least 28 others were left injured in Bharatpur on May 10 when a portion of a marriage hall collapsed. It came up during preliminary investigation that the marriage hall was illegal and the local municipality office had issued a notice to the owner to close it.

First published: May 12, 2017