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5 high paying jobs Jaipur youths are vying for

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March 19, 2021, 3:32 pm

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Jaipur: Several of the city’s students have earned some of the most high-paying jobs available in the market through their sheer hard work and dedication to self-learning. The PinkCity Post spoke to at least a dozen of Jaipur’s professionals to get an idea of what about some of the well-paid jobs currently available.

One of the major takeaways: Self-learning has become more important than college degrees. There are some very good online certification courses that you must do if you want to venture into any of the following professions.

Another important step to remember, you must be very good at working under tight deadlines and quickly adept to new situations.

Data Scientist

There is an acute scarcity of good data scientists in many companies, by several estimates, this field is likely to grow by at least 30percent in the next few years. Jaipur’s youths, across several streams like arts, science, and commerce are vying to get into data science which offers as high as 9lakh as an initial annual package.  Anshul Sharma, a student of data science said he did an online certification in data science and recently landed a job at a company in Bangalore.

Product manager

Product management is one of the many emerging fields in India with an average salary beginning from Rs 7lakh to 8lakh annual package, a product manager is responsible for the overall product from its beginning to the emerging market situations. You must be very comfortable with handling data and visualizing it in a manner that gives it a complete context. Several of the city’s fresh graduates are also doing online certification courses in product management.


The law is probably one of the top choices of the city’s youths soon after completing their schooling, a good degree in five-years law course from a reputed institute can fetch you a good package of at least 6lakh annually in initial days. There are many great law universities in India that are churning out some of the best legal eagles in the country.

Blockchain development

Bloch chain is deeply connected with AI and machine learning. Several students told the PinkCity post that they have been learning about blockchain development for the past several years because a good developer gets not less than 7 lakhs annually. A good online certification course in blockchain development can help give your career new wings.


From technical writing to freelance proofreading to translations, people who have a passion for writing and the ability to churn out assignments under deadlines thriving in this sector. Your initial package may hover around 5lakh per annually, but as you get experienced and with better writing skills, one can earn as high as 12 lakh annually.  

First published: March 19, 2021