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10 Diwali things every Jaipurite will relate to

Here are some activities which every one of us Jaipurites does during Diwali. If you are a jaipurite you will definitely relate to these things.

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Sweets from these 5 famous shops in Jaipur will add sparkles to your Diwali menu

Diwali without sweets is like Holi without colours. And, when it comes to mouth-watering sweets, few cities in the country can compete with Jaipur. The oldest sweet shops of Jaipur have been serving the best of Rajasthani desserts and sweets for decades.

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Wondering where to shop this Diwali? Visit these popular markets in Jaipur

From popular malls to old Walled City bazaars, all are lit up with decorations and fancy lights. The Pink City post brings you the most famous markets and places in Jaipur to shop during Diwali.