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10 Diwali things every Jaipurite will relate to

Here are some activities which every one of us Jaipurites does during Diwali. If you are a jaipurite you will definitely relate to these things.

November 6, 2018, 12:02 pm


Jaipur: Diwali is finally here! Tedious things (some chores are really fun though) like preparations, shopping, and cleaning which have been going on for more than a month have finally come to an end. Now is the time for celebrations.

Every year we decide to celebrate Diwali in a different way, but we end up doing the same things.

Here are some activities which every one of us Jaipurites does during Diwali. If you are a jaipurite then you will definitely relate to these things:

1. The buzz about old bazaar’s lightings, everywhere.

Diwali is a festival of lights. The Pink City’s old bazaars leave no stone unturned to amaze localities and tourists with their amazing and beautiful lightings and decorations during Diwali. If you are a jaipurite or happens to be in Jaipur during Diwali, then witnessing old bazaars lightings is a must for you.

Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Chaura Rasta, MI Road, Badi Chaupar and many other markets are all Diwali must-visit places for every Jaipurite.

2. Actual Diwali evening starts at 10 pm

No doubt, we all are much excited about Diwali evenings. But our Diwali evening actually starts at 10 pm.
Well, Diwali Puja is a long process and we cannot get out of our houses before that. Pfff!

Only when it’s 10 pm we are a free bird to go around with our buddies.

But guys keep in mind the SC verdict about crackers!

3. Visiting Nahargarh Fort at night to see beautifully-lit Jaipur from heights

Well, Nahargarh plans on Diwali night with buddies are like Goa plans. Sometimes these plans get executed, while sometimes they remain just plans every Diwali.

Whether you actually manage to do it or not, we are sure you have planned to go on a ride to Nahargarh Fort on Diwali. Jaipurites cannot afford to miss the sight of amazingly-lit Jaipur on Diwali from the heights of Nahargarh Fort.

4. Crackers Crackers everywhere!

Diwali evening gets starts with sounds of crackers everywhere. Usually, the culprits behind this are children and teens. Grown-ups’ timings for firecrackers bursting start at 10 pm.

Family and friends get together to burst crackers. And the late-night view of the sky in Jaipur on Diwali is a must watch.

5. New clothes

Finally, the evening you get to wear your traditional and ethnic dress with extra shine on your face. Happy happy faces with flaunting dresses are what keeps the Diwali spirits alive.

Then comes the Diyas’ part. You will find every girl’s Instagram story, holding a thali with dozens of Diyas in their hands’ ethnic attire.

6. Family and friends’ reunions.

Diwali without families and friends is nothing. You finally meet the relatives and friends who have been lost from your lives for a long time. When did you last see them? Last Diwali, right?

7. A walk to GT and WTP with buddies

Indeed! Gaurav tower (GT) and World Trade Park (WTP) are like must-go destinations for Jaipurites on Diwali. They don’t plan to go to GT, it just happens every time.

First published: November 6, 2018
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