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Winning candidates in Jaipur: Maharani, Maharaja, Rajasthan and Commerce College

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February 1, 2018, 3:05 pm

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Student union election in Rajasthan. ABVP wins the presidential posts at 5 universities, while independent candidates bagged 2. NSUI had to be content with only two universities.

Jaipur: Here is the list of all the candidates of Rajasthan University-affiliated collages who won on various posts in the student union elections in Jaipur:

Rajasthan College

President: Mahendra Degada. He got 651 votes. He defeated Rahul Choudhary by a margin of 92 votes.

Vice president: Shiv Prakash. He got 433 votes. He defeated Ravi Meena by a margin of eight votes.

General Secretary: Rahul Sharma. He got 551 votes. He defeated Manoj Meena by a margin of 76 votes.

Joint secretary: Ashok Meena. He got 534 votes. He defeated Bhojraj Choudhary by a margin of 120 votes.

Commerce College

President: Ashok Rathore: He got 881 votes. He defeated Hemant Meena by a margin of 302 votes.

Vice president: Rohit Meena. He got 793 votes. He defeated Vijay Saini by a margin of 389 votes.

General Secretary: Manoj Meena. He got 779 votes. He defeated Saurab Gujjar by a margin of 170 votes.

Joint Secretary: Tanmay Jain. He got 848 votes. He defeated Narendra Singh by a margin of 500 votes.

Maharani College

President: Neha Yadav. He got 999 votes. She defeated Ekta Choudhary by a margin of 103 votes.

Vice president: Zebunisha got 1552 votes. Elected unopposed.

General Secretary: Sangeet Roy got 1429 votes.

Joint Secretary: Poonam Sanwaria got 1030 votes.

Maharaja College

President: Harshvardhan Rathore got 879 votes. He defeated Ajay Yadav by a margin of 90 votes.

Vice president: Chandraprakash Kumawat. He got 738 votes and defeated Rakesh Jat by a margin of 26 votes.

General Secretary: Radheyshyam Dhakad got 572 votes. He defeated Vardhman by a margin of 85 votes.

Joint Secretary: Lalit Kumar Saini got 730 votes. He defeated Hansraj Meena by a margin of 396 votes.

Law College Morning

President: Bharat Raj Choudhary got 161 votes. He defeated Omprakash Pandar by a margin of 53 votes.

Vice president: Amarjeet Singh got 332 votes. He defeated Sarkar Singh Yadav by a margin of 287 votes.

General secretary: Mansingh Maharia got 95 votes. He defeated Abhishek Yadav by a margin of four votes.

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First published: September 5, 2017