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Who won RU election 2018: All you need to know

The result of student union election 2018 for Maharaja College, Maharani College, Rajasthan College and Commerce College also announced.

September 11, 2018, 5:25 pm

RU elected panel 2018 : Vinod Jakhar, Renu Choudhary, Aditya Pratap and Meenal Sharma.

Jaipur: The trend of an independent candidate’s victory at Rajasthan University continued this time also as the NSUI Rebel Vinod Jakhar was elected president of Rajasthan University student union on Tuesday.

NSUI rebel Vinod Jakhar defeated Rajpal Choudhary by a margin of 1860 votes and was elected president.

This is for the third time in a row when an independent candidate has won the post.

In the year 2016-17, independent candidate Ankit Dhayal was elected president and also in the year 2017-18, ABVP rebel Pawan Yadav had grabbed the president’s seat.

Independent candidates grabbed three of the four posts at RU

  • For President post, Vinod Jakhar won with 4321 votes.
  • For Vice President post, Independent candidate Renu Choudhary won with 3125 votes.
  • For General Secretary post, Independent candidate Aditya Pratap was elected with 2854 votes.
  • For Joint Secretary post, ABVP Candidate Meenal Sharma with 3347 votes.

The counting of votes for the student union election 2018 started at 11:00 am today.

The student union election 2018 results for constituent colleges of Rajasthan University are as follow:

Maharani College:

  • President: Ritu Barala
  • Vice President: Fatima
  • General Secretary: Chothi Meena
  • Joint Secretary: Monika Rathore

Elected student panel at Maharani College of RU 2018.

Maharaja College

  • President: Rohit Sharma
  • Vice President: Suresh Poonia
  • General Secretary: Raju Lal Regar
  • Joint Secretary: Ankit Vijay

Elected panel at Maharaja College of Rajasthan University.


Commerce College

  • President: Rajendra Prajapat
  • Vice President: Suraj Godiwal
  • General Secretary: Nihaar Swami
  • Joint Secretary: Eklavya Yadav


Rajasthan College

  • President: Ravindra Mahlawat
  • Vice President: Sonu Bunkar
  • General Secretary: Irfan
  • Joint Secretary: Suresh Kumar Meena

Elected student panel at Rajasthan College of RU 2018.

First published: September 11, 2018
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