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[VIDEO] Low floor bus accident at University Tiraha caught on traffic CCTV; victim dragged for 35 feet

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February 1, 2018, 3:42 pm

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A low floor bus hitting a girl who was crossing zebra line and then dragging her for almost 35 feet. Scroll down to watch the video.

aipur: A low-floor bus was caught on CCTV killing a BSc student and dragging a girl, an MSc student, for nearly 35 feet while she was crossing the road using the zebra line. Watch the video below:

The CCTV shows the bus coming from Rambagh Circle suddenly deviating from its direction, hitting the girl, identified as Vandna Kumari and dragging her for at least 35 feet. While the girl had a miraculous escape, the scooty rider, 19-year-old Vishal, was killed on the spot.

The mishap occurred at 4.32 pm at University Tiraha near JMC headquarters on Tonk Road on Tuesday. It has come up during preliminary investigation that the bus was running at a speed of at least 60-km per hour and the driver was trying to jump the red light. But when the driver saw other vehicles trying to take a U-turn, he suddenly applied breaks and lost control of the vehicle.

The girl who was dragged for 35 feet got stuck under the bus. The bus then mowed down the coaching student who was standing by the roadside with scooty parked.

The girl got stuck under the bus. As nearly shopkeeeprs and passers-by realized what had happened, they collectively tried to lift the bus off the ground and pull the girl from under it.

Vishal was a resident of Malviya Nagar sector – 13. He died on the spot. He was on his way to his coaching institute at Gandhi Nagar Mod when he was mowed down by the bus. The police handed over the body to family members after conducting a postmortem examination.

Vishal killed in low floor bus accident

Vishal who was killed in low-floor bus accident

The girl, Vandna, is a resident of Fatehpur in Sikar district. She had been enrolled in Rajasthan University this year to complete her MSc degree.

She was yet to get a hostel room, so she comes to Jaipur and goes back to her village daily. She had come to the city on Tuesday also and followed all the traffic rules including waiting for the zebra crossing light to go green. She was almost in middle of the road when the bus hit her.

She remained stuck under the bus for nearly four minutes. While people were trying to lift the bus off the ground, the girl who was in a semi-unconscious state – somehow dragged herself out from under the bus.

The accident could have turned catastrophic if it had not stopped after ramming into a wall.

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First published: August 23, 2017