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Udaipur boy, Kalpit Veerwal, shares tips on how to be JEE topper with perfect score

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April 29, 2017, 6:04 pm


Veeral scored 360 marks out of total 360.

Jaipur: Heroes are not born overnight. The same goes true for Udaipur boy Kalpit Veerwal, JEE-Main topper who scripted history by scoring the perfect 100% marks in the exam, results of which were announced on Thursday.

Kalpit had been preparing for IIT for the past four years.

He had enrolled in a coaching institute when he was in class VIII.

Kalpit shared with media persons many tips on how JEE aspirants should study and how they can crack this one of toughest exams in India.

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Kalpit woke up at 6 am daily and got ready for school.

He would then attend classes at school till 11.30 am and head straight to his coaching institute.

Kalpit returned home around 8 pm, completed his homework, prepared notes and had dinner. It was when he would relax for a few minutes before retiring to bed by 11 pm.

“The trick is to maintain a balanced approach when studying physics, chemistry and mathematics. I gave all the three subject equal priority. I have always felt comfortable with chemistry, but had to study mathematics and chemistry with a bit more focus,” said Kalpit.

He didn’t confine himself to academic books which were part of his curriculum. He would study NCERT books and books authored by foreign writers.

He never compromised with the quantity and quality of his sleep. He would sleep for at least seven hours daily.

Kalpit never checked his social media profiles and wasted time on TV before going to bed.


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“Most students keep checking WhatsApp messages and Facebook notifications throughout the day. It’s a great distraction. It affects your health if you do it before going to bed,” said Kalpit.

Kalpit says that he had been nursing the dream of joining IIT since his childhood.

“It seems I will be able to do that. What else can I ask for in life?”

He said that the key to success in JEE was to revise what he had already learnt on a regular basis.

On weekends, he would play cricket with his friends and listen to music.

“Both things relaxed my mind a lot,” he said.

Kalpit never felt depressed or burdened under the pressure of studies.

“I did my best. Tension only makes matter worse. So I always felt happy and followed advice of studetns who have already cracked the exam. It motivated me a lot,” said Kalpit.

First published: April 28, 2017