Tourists footfall at Kota Zoological Park sees a steep increase

April 16, 2019, 10:57 am

Kota Zoological Park

Kota Zoological Park

Jaipur: Renovation work at Kota Zoological Pak has led to a steep increase in tourist football.

The number of tourists who visited Kota Zoological Park, located in Nayapura area near Chatra Vilas gardens, was around 93000 in 2017. It increased to 1.5 lakh in 2018. The revenue was Rs 18.3 lakh in 2017 and it increased to Rs 25.4 lakh in 2018, added officials.

Earlier in 2017, the main entry to the zoological park from a narrow lane near Chatra Vilas gardens of the city.

The main entry gate and the ticket window were shifted to the front resulting in a steep increase in the number of visitors.

Several attractive drawings were painted on the outer walls by the local artists.

Several big signboards of the Kota Zoological Park were put up in nearby.

Other renovations including building green pathways, ponds for crocodiles, information plaque cards related to animal and bird’s species also contributed to the popularity of the park.  

According to a senior forest official, zoological park of Kota is 115 years old and is the only zoo in Hadoti region. Several measures were taken for the convenience of tourists who comes to the zoo. Its main entry gate was in the rear due to which it was not visible to the tourists. The main entry gate has now been shifted to the front so that the visitors are able to spot it. More measures are being taken to improvise the situation.

First published: April 16, 2019
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