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Top highest paying part-time jobs you can easily land

The PinkCity Post spoke to career counsellors in Jaipur and asked them about the highest-paying part-time jobs in 2022. Here is the list:

July 9, 2022, 11:36 am


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Jaipur: People relegalized the importance of a backup career plan during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many lost jobs or faced drastic salary cuts. For this reason, they are now pursuing backup career plans to stay afloat if such a situation arises ever again in the future. In other words, the trend of part-time jobs is getting popular.

The PinkCity Post spoke to career counsellors in Jaipur and asked them about the highest-paying part-time jobs in 2022. Here is the list:

Web design/development or app design/development

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the small businesses realized that they need to go online in addition to running a brick-and-mortar business. For this reason, there has been a tremendous increase in the launch of new websites and apps, particularly in the eCommerce segment. The career counsellors suggest that one can easily start a part-time business as a web designer, web developer or app developer.

“You don’t need to work with a company. You can start a freelance business from home. There is some learning curve involved, but it’s not rocket science,” said Manish Gupta, a career counsellor.

Content or copywriter

Business looks for writers to write content that conveys their marketing messages to the public effectively. If you have a good grasp of Hindi, English or any popular regional language, you can definitely get a lot of work as a content writer. It’s always a great idea to develop a specialization in a certain genre to get the best price for your content writing services. For example, if you are passionate about cars or bikes, you can develop a specialization in content writing for the automobile industry.

Blogging and affiliate marketing

These are two different types of skills but are closely associated. You can start a blog on any topic that you are already familiar with or have an interest in. You can share with people your personal experiences, knowledge or expertise.

You can partner with brands that sell products related to that topic. When people buy products recommended by you, you get a commission. It’s called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can also be done through social media promotions, email marketing and other promotional mediums. All you need to launch your part-time blogging and affiliate marketing career is a computer and an internet connection.

Youtuber or online tutor

YouTube is an easy way to make money online. If you think you can create decent videos about any topic, you can attract millions of viewers to your YouTube channel. You will not only be paid by YouTube but may also land partnerships or sponsorship from brands to promote their products.

The same goes true for a part-time job as an online tutor. Many education companies, particularly start-ups, are looking for people having specializations in particular topics.


Here are a few other part-time jobs that are easy to find:

  • Call centre representative
  • Food delivery boy
  • Video editing
  • Data entry
  • Online survey
  • Digital marketing including social media marketing
  • VA or virtual assistant

So, these are just some of the part-time job options. You can find plenty of information about these jobs online. If you don’t have a skill yet, you can easily develop one. Most of these jobs require little to no investment.

First published: July 9, 2022