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Dhol tasha group Girgaon Dhwajapathak earns praise for social contributions

The group hogged headlines when it recently donated Rs 1 lakh to the Chief Minister Relief Fund - Jalayukta Shivar, aiming to provide drought relief.

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June 13, 2023, 6:04 pm

dhol tasha group Girgaon Dhwajapathak

Dhol tasha group Girgaon Dhwajapathak performing in a recent event.

JAIPUR: Noted dhol tasha group, Girgaon Dhwajapathak, has lately garnered acclaim for its considerable societal contributions. The group proves that with fame comes responsibility towards society.

Recognizing India’s agriculture-centric economy and its vulnerability to natural disasters such as droughts and floods, Girgaon Dhwajapathak has stepped up to help in these difficult circumstances.

They recently donated Rs 1 lakh to the Chief Minister Relief Fund – Jalayukta Shivar, aiming to provide drought relief. Their generous act caught the attention of local media and newspapers, earning them widespread admiration.

“Music is our language, and through it, we aim to express our concern and responsibility for our society,” said a member of the Girgaon Dhwaj Pathak team in an interview. 

The team at Girgaon Dhwajapathak is well-known for its love and respect for the nation and its rich heritage. In a tribute to India’s martyrs and valiant figures, they donated Rs 1,32,000 to the “Bharat Ke Veer” fund. 

This act has further established them as a socially responsible Indian organization devoted to the holistic development of society, art, and culture. The group’s contribution to the fund has earned them the esteemed “Lokmanya Sanman” award and recognition in the “Loksatta” newspaper.

Further extending their reach to the education sector, Girgaon Dhwajapathak has supported the digitalisation of education at Chikitsak Samuh Shirolkar Highschool under the “E-Prashala Project”. They supplied the necessary digital equipment to set up a digital classroom, adapting to the current trend of technology integration in education.

“We believe in the power of giving. Our contributions to the relief funds and educational initiatives are just our way of playing a supportive tune in the symphony of societal progress,” he added. 

Girgaon Dhwajapathak has been a part of the folk music scene in Mumbai since 2005 and is preparing to celebrate its two-decade milestone on Gudhi Padwa next year. 

The group has had the honour of collaborating with renowned Dholki Samrat Vijay Chavan, shared stages with famed composers Ajay-Atul and performed in late Lata Mangeshkar’s renowned Ganesh immersion procession.

Despite their significant achievements, the group’s social contributions remain a highlight. 

Check out their Instagram account here.

First published: June 13, 2023