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Rudraksh kidnap-murder case: How the law caught up with a compulsive gambler

The boy had been kidnapped from Hanuman Park, situated just behind his house, on October 9, 2014. The main accused, Ankur Padia, kidnapped Rudraksh so that he could pay off his gambling debts.


Court verdict in Rudraksh murder case: Boy’s parents burst into tears

MM Handa, a bank manager and his wife started crying with their 2-year-old son who was born after the heinous crime in their lap.


Kota court awards death penalty to businessman Ankur Padia in Rudraksh kidnap-murder case

Ankur Padia, his brother Anoop and a domestic help Mahaveer were produced in the special SC/ST court under heavy security on Monday. The court reached a verdict and handed the capital punishment to Ankur in the afternoon. The court stated in its verdict that Ankur be hanged till death.