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Sariska tiger’s death: Chief minister Ashok Gehlot orders enquiry

June 15, 2019, 8:20 am

sariska tiger

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Jaipur: Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot has ordered an administrative enquiry into the death of Sariska tiger ST – 16. The tiger had died after being tranquilized. There are reports that the Sariska tiger reserve administration is trying to cover up the negligence by claiming that the tiger’s death was caused by a heat stroke. The administrative committee will probe if the tiger died of the overdose of tranquilizing agents.

The high-level probe committee will be headed by principal secretary, cooperative department Abhay Kumar. CM Gehlot tweeted that the death of the tiger was a serious matter.

Gehlot asked the officials to launched an unbiased probe and determine if any negligence was involved. He said that the officials responsible for the negligence should be held liable.

The incident took place on June 8. ST-16 was wounded, so a forest department team tranquilized him for treatment. He didn’t gain consciousness. The forest department declared him dead and later claimed that the death was caused by heat stroke.

A team of doctors from Bareilly, Dehradun and Bikaner conducted a postmortem examination of the Sariska tiger ST – 16’s body.

The wildlife activists however alleged that it was attempt to cover up the negligence of the team involved in tranquilization. An overdose of tranquilizing agents was responsible for the big cat’s death.

First published: June 15, 2019