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Sachin Pilot concludes Yatra; ‘threatens’ own government with statewide agitation

He said that a statewide protest would be staged against his own government unless three key demands are met by the month's end.

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May 15, 2023, 5:45 pm

sachin pilot rally

Sachin Pilot concludes protest rally.

JAIPUR: Sachin Pilot, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, concluded his Jan Sangharsh Yatra with a public rally at Bhankrota. Here, he said that he intended to stage a statewide protest against his own government unless three key demands are met by the month’s end.

Pilot said that a significant grassroots movement was the need of the hour to “ensure justice”, drawing attention to the indulgence of those in power, targeting Chief Minister Gehlot.

Pilot, in his address, reinforced his loyalty to Rajasthan and its diverse communities. He vowed to continue his service to the people regardless of his political standing and urged his supporters not to let any potential hindrance prevent them from supporting his cause.

Recalling his political journey, he mentioned how Sonia Gandhi entrusted him with the party’s presidency in Rajasthan in 2013, when it was in dire straits with just 21 MLAs. He took a stand against the then-Vasundhara government, criticizing it for alleged corruption.

As he turned his focus back to the current state government, he questioned the Chief Minister’s simultaneous handling of the Home and Finance Ministries. Pilot demanded investigations into the allegations of corruption against the Vasundhara government, emphasizing the need to take stern action.

Highlighting the plight of hardworking students affected by examination paper leaks, Pilot demanded a thorough investigation into the appointment of Babulal Katara as a member of RPSC. He underscored that the Yatra was, in fact, a mission to expose the corruption within the BJP government and to push for action on the leaked examination papers.

He criticized the current government for defaming its own leaders while praising those of the BJP, arguing that such practices were unsustainable. Pilot urged for impartiality in governance, claiming that failing to do so would only invite criticism from opponents.

The former Deputy CM expressed concern over the disillusionment of the youth and emphasized that his Yatra was aimed at inspiring them. With 20 years of political experience, Pilot assured his supporters of his relentless commitment to the cause, promising not to back down and ready to make any necessary sacrifices.

Before Pilot, Minister Rajendra Gudha took to the podium, harshly criticizing Chief Minister Gehlot and his own government for alleged corruption and ineffectiveness, suggesting that no administrative action is taken without monetary incentives.

First published: May 15, 2023
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