Rs 500 currency notes distributed among journos after BJP MP’s PC in Udaipur

Udaipur MP Arjunlal Meena kicks up controversy

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April 13, 2017, 9:42 am

BJP MP arjunlal meena

Jaipur: BJP MP Arjunlal Meena courted controversy on Wednesday when currency notes in the domination of Rs 500 were distributed among journalists after his press conference in Udaipur.

Meena had called the press conference to give details of achievements of his tenure as a member of parliament and those of the Narendra Modi government in the centre. When many journalists refused to accept envelopes containing currency notes, Meena said that he had left by the time envelops were distributed, so he was not aware. His personal assistant admitted currency notes were distributed, but he feigned ignorance over who did this.

Arjunlal Meena is MP from Udaipur parliamentary constituency.

Currency notes in the domination of Rs 500 are out of circulation after demonetisation. “First he tried to bribe journalists and on top of that he embarrassed the country by distributing currency notes which were made out of circulation by his own government. It’s a shame,” a senior Congress leader said.

First published: April 13, 2017