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Remdesivir black marketing in Udaipur: 5 arrested, 3 vials seized

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April 23, 2021, 5:02 pm

Remedesvir black marketing

A gang accused of black marketing Remedesvir recently bused in Jaipur

Jaipur: The Udaipur police on Thursday night busted two more gangs involved in black marketing Remdesivir drug used in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The cops posted as customers and caught the culprits red-handed. One of the gangs was selling Remdesivir vial for up to Rs 45,000 when the actual price is Rs 2800. Five people were arrested from three different places. Three Remdesivir vials were also found in possession of the accused men.

The police got a tip-off about one Subhash, a resident of Chittorgarh. He was involved in black marketing Remdesivir vial in Udaipur. A decoy policeman approached Subhash who agreed to sell 3 vials of Remdesivir. Subhash demanded Rs 45,000 per vial. The cops took him into custody.

In another crackdown, the police arrested three youths identified as Shubham Kalal of Savina police station area, Aryan Jain of Deer Magri Sector 11 and Bhupinder Singh, a resident of Savina.

The police also tracked Chirag Kalal, who was in hand-in-glove with doctor Abir Mohammed and arrested him. Doctor Abir Mohammed was running a racket and involved in black marketing Remdesivir vial on Wednesday night, police said adding the doctor had been arrested on Wednesday. Chirag who caught by the police on Thursday hails from Sarada area and was a radiographer at a private hospital.

The gangs involved in black marketing Remdesivir are active across the state and extorting the families of Covid-19 patients. A similar case had been reported in Jaipur also.

First published: April 23, 2021