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Red Dairy an imagination of PM Modi and BJP, says Gehlot

'PM Modi should focus on 'red' cylinders, rather than imaginary red dairies'

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August 6, 2023, 10:04 pm

ashok gehlot

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JAIPUR: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attack on the so-called “Red Diary” issue. Gehlot dismissed the red diary as a mere figment of the imagination and claimed that it held no substance. He said that the PM should focus on the LPG, which are currently being sold for Rs 1150 each.

Gehlot said that PM Modi and the BJP were indulging in concocting stories. “It is absurd that instead of addressing the people’s concerns, the PM is busy with imaginary diaries. The real issue is the burden the common man bears due to inflated prices, evident from the red cylinder priced at Rs 1150. The public’s faces have turned red with the loss of income due to inflation,” Gehlot remarked.

He further predicted that the upcoming elections would witness a red flag being shown to the BJP as a sign of public dissatisfaction. Gehlot accused the BJP of hatching a conspiracy to defame the state government through baseless allegations.

Regarding the grants given to states, Gehlot rebutted PM Modi’s claims and stated that it was the duty of the central government to provide financial assistance. He emphasized that the Rajasthan government had taken the Ujjwala scheme forward by offering cylinders at Rs 500, and the center should do its part in supporting the scheme.

Highlighting the plight in Manipur, Gehlot expressed dismay over the PM’s comparison of Rajasthan with a state facing severe violence. He deemed it an insult to the state’s self-respect and called for a better understanding of the situation.

First published: July 27, 2023