Ranthambore national park: tiger attacks man; panic in village

November 20, 2019, 4:21 pm


Representative image.

Jaipur: The movement of two tigers in Khandar area of Ranthambore National Park buffer zone has created panic in some nearby villagers including Khurd-Sadulpur.

On Wednesday, a tiger attacked a villager. The local residents informed the forest department. They demanded that the tiger be tranquilized and moved away from the residential area. The forest department teams are trying trace the tigers till the reports last came in.

According to preliminary reports, a villager, identified as Badri Jat, was on his way to nearby Gothda village on a bike when a tiger attacked him near Khurd. Badri had a blanket on his body. It saved him as the tiger snatched the blanket and then left the spot.

Badri started shouting for help following which the villagers armed with sticks gathered on the spot. A team from Khandar Forest range arrived at the spot.

“We are trying to trace the tigers. There are reports that two tigers are in the area,” said a senior forest department officer.

Four people have been killed in tiger attacks this year. A growing population of tigers in Ranthambore has resulted in human-animal conflicts and incidents of territorial fights. There are over 70 tigers in Ranthambore national park which can accommodate nearly 40 tigers.

First published: November 20, 2019
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