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Rajasthan: Viral post on social media helps police catch murderers

Police use social media to catch five robbers who escaped after killing a cattle trader in Nagaur.

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June 16, 2017, 10:12 am


Jaipur: Viral posts are usually a headache for the police because they can be very provocative and spread rumors within minutes, but in this instance a viral post on social media helped them catch four murderers.

On Thursday, a cattle trader from Sikar district, Yasin Qureshi, had come to Kuchaman area for business. His two sons including Mohammed Majid were accompanying him. They were in a pick-up.

On Kuchaman – Sikar Mega Highway, they were intercepted by a Bolero car. Qureshi had to stop the pick-up. Five robbers jumped off the Bolero and smashed pick-up’s window glasses. They snatched away a bag containing Rs 2 lakh from Qureshi. When one of the sons Mohammed Majid objected, they shot at him. He died on the spot as the bullet pierced his head.

The robbers fled from the spot in the Bolero. Their getaway vehicle however overturned, so they had to escape on foot. The police immediately altered the villagers who caught three of them.

Two of the five robbers who managed to escape were identified by the police. When all efforts to catch them failed, the cops uploaded their photos on social media sites. The photos went viral in the area within minutes.

One of the robbers was identified by villagers on the basis of these photos. He was also caught.

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First published: June 16, 2017