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Rajasthan University (RU) increases re-evaluation fee

April 29, 2019, 1:16 pm

Rajasthan University RU jaipur

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Jaipur: The administration of Rajasthan University (RU) in Jaipur has increased the re-evaluation fees of answer sheets by 10% for the main exams of 2019. Students will now have to pay Rs 350 per answer sheet for re-checking.

The online fees of Re-evaluation for regular students are Rs 350 per answer sheet and for the private students, it is Rs 430 per answer sheet including Rs 80 as processing fee, said officials.

Also, Rs 150 will be charged for the process of Re-counting of the answer sheet. Students who want to get the photocopy of their answer sheets will have to pay Rs 580 to the administration, added officials.

According to the officials, students will be able to request the re-evaluation on 50% of the answer sheets. The percentage was 25% last year but then the administration increased the limit from 25 to 50, after getting several complaints by BSC students.

Students protested against the discrepancies in checking the answer sheets due to which 15,000 students were declared failed out of 21,000 in June last year. 

As per the exam department, the decision and implementation of new prices are taken under the Exam planning and monitoring committee in the supervision of vice-chancellor of the university.

First published: April 29, 2019
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