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Rajasthan Rural Tourism Scheme: All you need to know

Under the scheme, tax rebates and other incentives for setting up tourism units such as homestays have been announced

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December 6, 2022, 8:30 am

foreign tourist in village

A foreign tourists in a Rajasthan village.

JAIPUR: The state government has implemented the Rajasthan Rural Tourism Scheme. The scheme that aims at promoting tourism in the rural areas of the state was announced by Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot in the budget.

Under the scheme, tax rebates and other incentives for setting up guest houses, agri-tourism units, camping sites, homestays and caravan parks have been announced. These incentives have come into effect.  

A senior tourism department official said that the tourism units showcasing village life, art culture and heritage will be promoted by the state government. The establishment of tourism units in rural areas through the scheme will encourage local folk art and preserve handicrafts. With this, employment opportunities will also be available for the local people in rural areas.

Benefits of the Rajasthan Rural Tourism Scheme

  • 100 per cent exemption will be given in stamp duty. Initially, 25 per cent stamp duty will be payable, which will be recovered on the presentation of the certificate of starting the tourism unit.
  • SGST payable and deposited will be reimbursed 100 per cent for 10 years.
  • Under the ‘Chief Minister’s Small Industries Promotion Scheme’, a 9 per cent interest subsidy will be given instead of 8 per cent on loans up to Rs 25 lakh.
  • Rural tourism units will not need land conversion and building plan approval.
  • Promotion of rural tourism in the area under the Forest Department will be done as per the provisions of the State Eco Tourism Policy, 2021.
  • Local folk artists and handicraftsmen and rural startups will be given priority in approval and benefits payable.

Rajasthan Rural Tourism Scheme eligibility

These incentives and benefits have been announced for the following types of establishments:

Rural Guest Houses

 Guest houses will be registered in rural areas having 6-10 rooms. These rooms will be available for rent for the stay of tourists. There will also be arrangements for food for the tourists in the guest house.

Agri-tourism unit

The approved tourism unit will be set up on agricultural land on a minimum of 2,000 square meters and a maximum of 2 hectares. In its 90 per cent part, agriculture and horticulture work, camel farm, horse farm, bird and livestock, crop sowing, handicrafts, garden etc. activities will be made available to tourists in rural environments.

Camping Site

A camping site can be set up on agricultural land with a minimum of 1,000 square meters and a maximum of one hectare. Temporary accommodation will be arranged in tents for 10 per cent of this. The remaining part will have activities like camel farming, horse farming, livestock, gardening etc.

Caravan Park

Caravan Park can be established on agricultural land on a minimum of 1,000 square meters and a maximum of 1 hectare. On this, the basic facilities for parking the vehicles of the guests will be developed.

Home Stay (Paying Guest House)

 The Home Stay (Paying Guest House) scheme issued earlier by the Tourism Department is also applicable in rural areas. Under this, an accommodation facility of up to 5 rooms will be available to the tourists in their own residence by the owner of the accommodation.

Registration and conditions of the Rajasthan Rural Tourism Scheme

  • under this scheme, the project approval and registration of rural guest houses, agri-tourism units, camping sites, and caravan parks will be done by the concerned tourist reception centre of the tourism department.
  • It will be necessary for rural tourism units to have 15 feet-wide road.

First published: December 6, 2022