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Rajasthan police search houses of gau rakshaks in Haryana to nab suspects in Nasir-Junaid murder case

Police have yet to find any clues regarding the whereabouts of the suspects.

February 23, 2023, 11:00 pm

gau rakshak

Photos of murder accused released by Rajasthan police.

CHANDIGARH: Police teams from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district have raided several places in Karnal, searching for Shashikant, the director of Moonak Gaushala, and his associate Kishore, who are accused of murdering Nasir and Junaid. However, despite their efforts, the police have yet to find any clues regarding the whereabouts of the suspects.

On Thursday, the Rajasthan police raided the residence of gau rakshaks and questioned them in an attempt to locate the accused. Additionally, the police team also went to Moonak Gaushala and interrogated the employees for about an hour. The Karnal Police are cooperating with the Rajasthan Police in their search for the suspects.

The two victims, Junaid and Nasir, residents of village Ghatmika in Bharatpur district, were found dead in a burnt Bolero vehicle on February 16 in Loharu town of Bhiwani district. Following the discovery of their murder, the Rajasthan Police began raiding in Haryana.

On Wednesday, the Rajasthan Police made public the names and photos of eight individuals from Haryana who are being sought in connection with the murder case. Among them are Shashikant Sharma, a resident of Moonak in Karnal, and Kishor, who resides in Gharaunda. The Bharatpur police from Rajasthan arrived at the Gharaunda police station on Tuesday evening to apprehend the two suspects. The Rajasthan Police have been stationed in Karnal for three days and conducting raids at various possible hideouts to locate the accused.

On Thursday, the Rajasthan Police team went to Telu Singh Colony in Gharaunda and several other locations to question gau rakshaks and their relatives. They gathered information about Shashikant and Kishore and attempted to track down their potential whereabouts. The employees at Moonak Gaushala were also questioned about the suspects. In addition, the residence of the juvenile in Gharaunda was also interrogated.

First published: February 23, 2023
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