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Rajasthan high court takes cognizance of doctors’ fight at Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur

A newborn baby had died while two doctors were quarrelling with each-other in the OT.

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February 1, 2018, 3:24 pm

doctor fight umaid hospital Jaipur video

Two doctors fought with each-other as a pregnant woman in serious condition was battling for life on the operating table. Watch the video below:

Jaipur: The Jodhpur bench of Rajasthan high court on Wednesday took cognizance of the doctors’ verbal inside the operation theater of Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur that reportedly resulted in the death of a newborn.

The double bench of Justice Dheerendra Sharma and Prem Ratan Ojha directed the additional advocate general Shivkumar Vyas to present a report on the incident.

Rajasthan women rights commission has also condemned the incident. Commission chairperson Suman Sharma said that they would ask the government to launch a probe into the incident and demand a strict action against the doctors.

“It was a very shameful incident. We condemn this. These two doctors should be brought to justice,” said Sharma.

The two doctors were removed from the hospital after a video showing them get into verbal argument in an operation theater (OT) went viral. A pregnant woman who was in labor was battling for life. By the time they got their argument settled, the newborn had died and the woman was profusely bleeding. Watch the video below:

The woman, identified as Anita Devi, was rushed to Umaid Hospital in critical condition.  A doctor sent her to the operation theater for a C-section. The doctor said that any delay in treatment could cost the life of either the baby or the woman.

When she was wheeled into the OT, gynecologist Dr Ashok Neniwal was attending another pregnant woman. Another doctor ML Tak asked a nursing staff member to check on the woman’s blood pressure.

It was when Dr Ashok and Dr ML Tak got into a verbal fight. They started shouting at each-other and hurled abuses. The nursing staff intervened, but they didn’t stop for several minutes. While they were quarreling, the two women were on the tables unattended.

By the time the doctors paid attention to Anita and operated her, it was too late. The baby died a few minutes after the birth.

First published: August 30, 2017