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Protests in Pratap Nagar against Coronavirus isolation centre in RUHS

March 4, 2020, 5:22 pm

coronavirus ruhs pratap nagar

Protests at RUHS in Pratap Nagar on Wednesday.

Jaipur: The local residents and students in Pratap Nagar protested at RUHS against the Rajasthan medial and health department’s decision to set up an isolation centre for Coronavirus-infected people at RUHS Hospital. The nursing staff also joined the protestors who closed the main entry gate of the hospital for a while and then staged a sit-in. 17 Coronavirus cases have been detected in Jaipur. Nine people with symptoms of Coronavirus were shifted to RUHS on Wednesday.

The protestors alleged that the area where the hospital is located is heavily populated and a large population of students live there. The nursing staff members visited VC Rajababu Panwar.

Health department officials said that over 26,000 passengers who came to Jaipur have been screened at the airport. The leaves of nursing staff members at SMS Hospital have been cancelled.

“Rapid response teams have been set up in all the districts of the state. The teams consist of doctors and medical and health department employees. They have been asked to keep tab on suspected cases of the virus and report them immediately,” said a senior health department officer.

First published: March 4, 2020