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Jaipur RTO: Pollution certificate made mandatory for all types of works

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May 15, 2018, 10:51 am

RTO Jaipur

RTO, Jaipur. Image credit: Post Staff

Jaipur: The Transport Department of Rajasthan has made pollution certificate mandatory for getting any work done at Jaipur RTO. This mean works like testing the fitness of the vehicles, RC renewal, registration, permit, etc cannot be done unless one presents a pollution certificate of that particular vehicle.

The software that is used by RTO will not work without details of a pollution certificate. This software captures certificate and center number and unless these are provided it enter any further data. The rule of showing a pollution certificate was started on Monday. Regional Transport Officer Kalpana Agarwal stated that vehicles owners have to first get a pollution test done for their vehicles and can visit the RTO thereafter for any other work.

This is a welcome initiative by the Transport Department to curb the menace of pollution. The country has witnessed the situation in Delhi and other states need to take such measures to ensure that pollution levels are controlled.

First published: December 10, 2017
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