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Orchid Tree redefining home and garden décor with high-quality, diverse orchids

Established in December 2012, Orchid Tree's innovative approach has garnered a massive response from customers.

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April 2, 2023, 1:54 pm

orchid tree brand

Orchid Tree leads the market with focus on nature preservation. Representative image.

JAIPUR: Orchid Tree, a renowned brand, has transformed the market for orchids in home and garden décor by offering high-quality plants and a diverse range of species sourced from around the world. 

Established in December 2012, Orchid Tree’s innovative approach has garnered a massive response from customers, with their success showing no signs of slowing down.

“We aim to provide the best quality imported plants that are acclimated in our greenhouses, as well as a whole new set of orchids perfect for indoor decoration,” said a company spokesperson.

Orchid Tree’s offerings include popular species such as Dendrobiums, Vanda Paphiopedilum [Lady Slippers], Cattleya, and Phalaenopsis, catering to a growing trend towards natural room setups among customers from all walks of life.

With a strong focus on nature preservation, Orchid Tree caters to both individual customers and plant retailers, including florists, orchid collectors, and potted plant retailers. “Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that our delicate plants and flowers are carefully packed and delivered fresh to our customers’ doorsteps,” the spokesperson added.

The Orchid Tree cultivates stunning orchid plants catering not only to individual customers but also to plant retailers. Their orchids are available to florists, collectors, and potted plant retailers at all levels of the market. The brand is renowned for delivering fresh orchids and plants directly to customers’ doorsteps. Moreover, they take great care in packaging delicate plants and flowers to ensure their safe delivery.

Orchid Tree which operates its business online through its website manages its own nursery and greenhouse management, with a team of professionals well-versed in plant care. In addition to plants and orchids, the brand also sells accessories such as ceramic pots and greenhouse setups. 

The spokesperson said that in the present day, nature preservation is a crucial factor that is evident across various industries. Brands spanning from fashion to technology are striving to contribute to nature in some way. In this regard, the realm of room decoration and enhancement is closely linked to nature preservation. 

Adorning rooms and gardens with beautiful plants and blooming orchids has been a longstanding tradition, and though it still holds value today, it has undergone slight modifications and modernization. Furthermore, from the general public to famous personalities, there is a growing preference for natural room decor. Consequently, Orchid Tree offers exceptional services by supplying fresh plants and orchids to promote this trending form of beautification among people, he added. 

First published: April 2, 2023
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