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Notification for 15 new districts in Rajasthan likely by June 30

There is a possibility of a proposal to withdraw the decision to divide Jaipur and Jodhpur into two districts due to ongoing protests.

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June 29, 2023, 11:53 pm

rajasthan secretariate

Rajasthan secretariate. File Photo.

JAIPUR: The Revenue Department of Rajasthan has completed the demarcation work for 15 out of the 19 newly proposed districts in the state.

The demarcation reports have been submitted to the government, and the department is now preparing to issue the official notification by June 30.

Once the notification is issued, the newly formed districts will come into existence. However, there is a possibility of a proposal to withdraw the decision to divide Jaipur and Jodhpur into two districts due to ongoing protests.

To oversee the process, the government appointed Officers on Special Duty (OSDs) in the 15 districts.

These OSDs have conducted the demarcation work and submitted their reports to the government.

Based on these reports, the Revenue Department will proceed with issuing the notification for the new districts.

Details of Tehsils Included in the new districts:

  1. Shahpura (Bhilwara): The proposed Shahpura district is expected to be larger than Bhilwara. It will include Shahpura, Hurda, Phuliakalan, Jahajpur, Kotri, Banera tehsils, along with Mandalgarh and Bijilia. Bhilwara will retain Asind, Kareda, Bhilwara, Mandal, Raipur, Sahada, and Hamirgarh tehsils. Badnaur is likely to be relocated to Beawar.
  2. Crab: The new district will comprise Deoli and Malpura from Tonk, Jahajpur from Bhilwara, Arai, Bandanwada, Bijaynagar, Nasirabad, and villages from Bhinay Tehsil in Ajmer.
  3. Phalodi: The Phalodi district will encompass Lohawat, Bap, Devu, Bapini, Setrava, Ghantiyali, Aau, Jaisalmer up to Nachana, and part of Nokh sub-tehsil Osian from Jodhpur.
  4. Didwana Kuchaman: The proposed district will include Makrana, Parbatsar, Ladnun, Didwana, and Nawan assembly areas. Half of Nagaur will also be part of the new district.
  5. Khairthal: Kotkasim, Tijara, Khairthal, Kishangarhbas, Tapukda, Harsoli, and Mundawar tehsils will be included in the Khairthal district.
  6. Beawar: The district will comprise Masuda and Bijaynagar from Ajmer, Bhima from Rajsamand, and Raipur and Jaitaran tehsils from Pali.
  7. Balotra: The Balotra district will include half of Barmer, including Pachpadra, Kalyanpur, Siwana, Samdari, Sindhari, Gida, and Baytu tehsils. Balotra, Kalyanpur, Samdari, Sivana, Sindhari, Payala, Gida, Baytu, and Patodi will be part of the district. Additionally, 17 villages from Batadu Baytu will be included.
  8. Deeg: The demarcation work for Deeg is pending. As per the previous report, it will include Kumher, Deeg, Cama, Pahadi, Nagar, Sikri, Janudhar, and Rarah tehsils.
  9. Dudu: The proposed Dudu district is expected to encompass Fagi, Maujmabad, Madhorajpura, Jobner, Phulera, Naraina, Sambharlek, Rupangarh from Ajmer, and Arai and Malpura from Tonk.
  10. Neemkathana: The district will cover the Jhunjhunu to Khetri subdivision, 19 Patwar mandals of Udaipurwati tehsil, the entire area of Gudhagaudji Tehsil, and four Patwar mandals in Jhunjhunu.
  11. Sanchore: The Sanchore district will include Chitalwana, Sanchore, Raniwada from Jalore, and half of Gudamalani, Bagoda, Sedwa, and Dhorimanna. The government will make the final decision.
  12. Gangapursati: Bamanwas and Wazirpur from Sawai Madhopur, Nadauti, and Todabhim tehsil area from Karauli may be included in the Gangapursati district.
  13. Kotputli-Behror: The demarcation for Kotputli-Behror is yet to be finalized. It is expected to include Kotputli, Behror, Biratnagar, Bansur, Pavata, Narayanpur, and Neemrana subdivision areas, as well as the Kotputli, Behror, and Bansur assembly constituencies.
  14. Anupgarh: The proposed district will comprise Anupgarh, Gharsana, and Srivijaynagar from Sriganganagar, Rawla, Khajuwala Uttargarh tehsil, and Chhattargarh area from Bikaner. The inclusion of Raisinghnagar tehsil from Sriganganagar is also under consideration. The final demarcation will be decided by the government.
  15. Salumbar: The demarcation work for Salumbar is pending. The demands and objections regarding the area have been submitted to the government.

First published: June 24, 2023